SYLLABUS 2022/2023


SEPTEMBER      6th       Welcome Back.           

                             13th      Spot Night

                             20th     Closing date for Tappit Heid/Speaker Alec Chalmers

                             27th      Visit From Perth Writers. Theme Humour

  20 line poem or 100 word prose

OCTOBER          4th    Tutor David McVey

                             11th  Object Night

                             18th   Poetry Night /Give out Topic  

                             25th   Closing date for Silvie Taylor Quaich/ Speaker Howard Sergeant

NOVEMBER      1st   Adjudication for Tappit Heid – Adjudicator Charlie Gracie

                               8th   Tutor David McVey

                             15th    Adjudication of Agnes Ford Shield

                             22nd    Read Topic/Give out new Topic

                          29th   Inspirational Scots. Poetry 40 lines/ prose 500 words

DECEMBER       6th   Adjudication of Silvie Taylor Quaich Adjudicator Charlie Gracie

                              13th  Tutor David McVey

                            20th  Christmas Meal

                            27th     Holiday


JANUARY          3rd        Holiday

                             10th       Closing date for Helen Cunningham Plate/Spot Night

                             17th       Sharing Night

                             24th       Read Topic/Give out New Topic

                           31st       Humorous Poem/Parody in Scots.

FEBRUARY         7th        Spot Night

                              14th      Murder Story 1,000 words max.

                             21st       Adjudication for Helen Cunningham Plate Adjudicator Kath Hardie

                             28th       Read Topic/Give out New Topic

MARCH               7th      5min Sketch for 2/3 characters

                             14th      Performance Guidance with William Letford

                             21st      Read Topic/Give out New Topic

                             28th      Spot Night

APRIL                  4th       Rehearsal for Sketch

                             11th       Rehearsal for Sketch

                            18th      Children’s Story/Poem 40 lines 1,000 words max.

                             25th       Rehearsal for Words & Music

MAY                    2nd      Rehearsal for Words & Music

                              9th      Read Topic

                             16th      Words and Music

                             20th      Seminar

                             23rd    Reading of Seminar Entries

                             30th    A.G.M

JUNE                    6th Summer Social


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